Illinois Society,
Dames of the Court of Honor
Who can join: 

Any woman sixteen and older who can qualify for lineal descent from a commissioned officer of one or more of the earlier American wars between the years 1607 through 1865, including any one of the following periods:  Colonial Wars 1607-1775, The American Revolution 1775-1783, The War of 1812 1784-1815, Mexican War 1836-1848, and the Civil War 1861-1865 (both Union and Confederate Officers). 

Membership is by Invitation Only.  If you believe that you are eligible, please contact our Registrar.

Our History:

The National Society was founded by: Miss Mary Florence Taney on May 15, 1921 in Covington, Kentucky.  It was re-organized by Mrs. Kirby-Smith Anderson on May 15, 1946 in Atlanta, Georgia

The Illinois Society was organized by: Mrs. Royal O. Helgevold (Grace Isabell Crowder) on
September 9, 1971 in Oak Park, Illinois

Our Motto:

“NOBLESSE OBLIGE”  (Rank Carries Obligation)

This signifies that each member is to carry a high standard of living, a loyalty to our country, and an honor among women, especially those with whom we are banded together.

What we do:

We meet three times per year in northern Illinois.  We learn about our heritage and our ancestors, and help to promote patriotism.
Our Officers:

President:                          Miriam Giebel
First Vice President:          Kimberly Nagy, MD
Second Vice President:     Kathryn Carey
Chaplain:                           Susan Erlick
Recording Secretary:         Gayle Mast Coan
Corresponding Secretary:  Jane Schleinzer
Treasurer:                          Carolyn Kraft
Registrar:   Margaret Sopp
Historian:                            Luanne Bruckner
Trustee:                              Joan Murray
Trustee:                              Barbara Teague

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